Dogs bark, that’s a fact, it is normal but sometimes it can be excessive

There are many reasons a dog may bark:

playfulness, startlement, fear, excitement, overarousal, boredom or frustration. Alternatively, the barking might not be motivated by an emotion but, instead, by a goal the dog wants to achieve: getting another dog to play with them, making a toy move or getting to the food.

Whatever the reason for the barking, it can be a challenge: when you want to quietly talk to someone at your door; when your neighbours are in; when you just want some peace and quiet; or, when you need to sleep.

Games-based training is an awesome resource to turn around this very common challenge.

Our games are based on concepts; the skills and emotional strengths that your dog needs to manage their emotional responses, challenges they face and generally to make good choices. These games are the strategies you can use to improve excessive barking.

These games are the strategies you can use to improve excessive barking

The key to overcoming challenging barking is to identify what emotional strengths your dog needs to deal with the situations that cause barking. Arm your dog with different skills and he won’t go to the behaviour box marked ‘barking’ when he gets excited, overaroused, scared or frustrated.


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